3THC The Workout Where U Layout!

Every temple is precious and should be taken care of...

Temple care is crucial and the best will be done one body at a time!

Timotheus Ri’shon 4:14 Neglect not the gift that is in you, which was given you by prophecy, with the Laying on of the hands of the elders. May Yah add more peace to your journey Amein!

The Workout Where U Layout !  


  • minutes =mins

  • Time is crucial to us all so pick the time you think fits you. 

  • A full body Chair massage takes 15mins

  •   A Full body massage takes 40 mins not 60mins!!

  • Rona Protocol Must` have own sheets in home

  • Individual Session Price

  • 15mins-$30

  • 25mins-$40

  • 40mins-$80

  • 50mins-$120

  • Power over hr plus

  • 60mins-$300

  • 75mins-$450

  • 90mins-$600

  • Hot Stones? Additional $20 

  • Rona Protocol Must have own sheets in home

    Package Price
    (Purchase 3 sessions @ 1 booking PAY)

  • 50mins-$100=$300

  • 60mins-$210=$630

  • Gift a friend if you like!
  • Corporate / Party

  • Email to set up thank you!

  • Minimum 3 hour session

  • Typically 5-25mins per person, you decide.

  • No break needed

  • 180mins-210mins / 3hrs-3hrs 29mins - $300

  • 210mins-240mins / 3.5hrs- 3hrs 59mins - $420

  • 240mins- 270mins / 4hrs- 4hrs 29mins - $700

  • 1 20min break needed

  • 270mins- 300mins / 4.5hrs- 4hrs 59mins - $1,000

  • 300mins- 330mins / 5hrs- 5hrs 29mins - $1,890

  • 330mins- 360mins / 5.5hrs- 5hrs 59mins - $2,500

  • 360mins- 420mins / 6hrs- 6hrs 59mins - $4,200

  • 2 20min breaks needed

  • 420mins-510mins / 7hrs-8hrs 29mins $7,000-$8,000

  • 510mins-600mins / 8.5hrs-10hrs - $9,500-$10,000


Deep Tissue No More Issue


Simply Swedish 

Focused kneading to soothe chronically tense areas

Long, gliding strokes, kneading and circular movements


Sports Oh U an athlete athlete

Focused stretching improves flexibility and muscle recovery.

Reflexology the body Apology


An alternative medicine involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques




Here is a nice little fundown run down...

I'm a former college athlete who didn't  know what to do post sports  life, but  I'm grateful  Most High Yah for setting me in the path of Massage Therapy Bodywork Specialist field of work! I never saw this path but my Grandma told my mom prior to her Alzheimers, my hands were exceedingly kind. I mean, its up to you to find out if that is true. 


Oh I'm PC  it stands stands for Peace and Calm... haha nah its short for Patrick, Chike, or PC works.

I'm always learning many more techniques to aide in my quest to help as many temples that come under my hands!


Book Away

Temple Care Times

Mainly MOBILE but, random pop ups at beaches & parks 

Tel: 602~872~4180

IG~ t.t.t.h.c

Email: threethc@gmail.com

By Appointment only at the moment. 


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